Window Designs For Your Home

Window Designs For Your Home

If you are building remodeling a home, windows are something you want to put a lot of thought into. There are so many designs to choose from that can completely change the look of a room or even your entire house. These are some of our favorite designs to think about when deciding which windows are perfect for your home!

Bay Windows

Bay windows are one of our favorite designs and offer many advantages. A bay window allows natural light to enter a home from a variety of angles, an area for extra storage or seating and can make any room look more substantial in size.

Dormer Windows

From an exterior perspective, dormer windows are great for breaking up a large, shingled roof and giving balance to a home. These windows add extra height to the structure and additional lighting into the upper areas of the house.

Window Walls

If well-lit rooms and maximum exposure is what you love, then window walls are right up your alley. With glass from the floor to the ceiling, these windows give any room an open feel and help connect the indoors with the outdoor environment.

Custom Windows

Custom windows can be a little more pricey, but they are designed just for you and your home in the exact shape you want them. Whether it’s oval, rectangular, circular, or eccentric, they will surely make a statement, adding to the beauty of your home inside and out.

Contemporary Windows

Clean, open, and modern is exactly what you get with contemporary windows. Mixing technology with style and a little bit of edginess can give your home a new-age aesthetic when you install them. Try matching contemporary windows with your appliances or artwork to round out each room more fully!

Now that you know a few of our favorite windows don’t forget to do your research too. There are many more styles out there to choose from, and we want you to select windows that are perfect for you and your home! For more information on windows, window styles, window installation, and more contact Fairfield County Exteriors today!

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