Why You Should Upgrade Your Windows

Why You Should Upgrade Your Windows

We look through windows every day, and we assume that all windows are created equally. However, old, single pane windows or trim that doesn’t fit your home correctly could be losing you a lot of money throughout the year, decreasing the value of your home, and wasting energy. Read more below to get an in-depth analysis of why you should upgrade your windows.


Did you know that according to the US Department of Energy, heat gain and loss is responsible for nearly 25%-35% of annual residential heating and cooling energy use?

That is energy slipping through the cracks of your home, and there are steps you can take to improve this, such as replacing your windows! But just buying the right windows isn’t enough, the windows must be properly installed in order to maximize the potential for energy savings. Make sure you hire a professional to install your new windows to increase energy efficiency and keep your windows from breaking.

Financial Benefits

Not only are your old windows wasting energy but they are also losing you a lot of money. When you have your heating or cooling on, that’s money flowing through your house, but when you have old windows, that money doesn’t stay in your home, it slips through that old single pane glass.

New windows won’t just save you money on electricity costs though; they also have the potential to add value to your home, which can be beneficial when you decide to put it on the market.

You might not need a full window replacement to reap some of these rewards so you can always choose to get a partial replacement. In a partial replacement, the contractor will install a window insert which fits in the existing trim instead of taking out and reinstalling the trim and the window. Partial window replacements save you money, while still giving your home a nice update, and increasing its efficiency.


While new windows will increase your homes energy efficiency, and save you money on electricity costs, they won’t be able to add value to your home unless they fit in aesthetically with the rest of your home.

When purchasing new windows, make sure that the style matches the rest of your home, and if you are repairing your windows, make sure that the repairs blend in with the rest of the interior and the exterior.

The good news is that there are so many options when purchasing your new energy efficient windows! All of the alternatives are sleek and beautiful, and you’re sure to find some that fit in perfectly with your home!

Ready for an Upgrade?

At Fairfield County Exteriors, we carry a wide variety of window brands to fit all of your needs. We’ll help you upgrade your current windows, replace an entry or patio door, or replace those old basement windows, all while improving the look of your home and increasing efficiency.

Call us today or visit our website to learn more!

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