Why Are My Windows Creaking?

Why Are My Windows Creaking?

Why Are My Windows Making Weird Noises?

Have you ever heard weird sounds coming from your windows such as creaking or popping? Ever wonder what it is or how to help rid your home of the problem? This is a common occurrence, especially in homes in locations where there are temperature changes. Here are some reasons you may hear these noises.

The Siding

In some situations, the window may not even be the problem or the cause of the sound. If you have aluminum siding or vinyl siding that is overly tight, this may be the cause of the sounds that you are hearing.

Poor Window Installations

When windows are not correctly installed, there can be creaky or popping sounds, especially when the wind is blowing. Improper installation can mean the frames bend inward, putting more pressure on the window. This would require reinstallation to correct the issue.


When windows are made out of specific materials, the temperature can cause expansion, which would result in popping noises. This could also be due to poor insulation. Speak with a professional about some better material options you can use for your windows and siding.

If you are experiencing problems with your windows or siding, the most important thing you can do is speak with a professional who can help you understand what options work best for your home. It could mean the difference between adequately installed windows with the right material, or continuously hearing sounds from the windows.

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