Why Are Home Gutters Important?

Why Are Home Gutters Important?

Gutters are something that is usually expected to be a part of a home, but sometimes you’ll be shocked to discover that your home or rental property doesn’t have them. Gutters can be pricey, so you might ask yourself, “do I really need gutters?” The answer is yes, and here’s why.

Gutters Protect Your Home’s Siding & Paint

Rainwater isn’t the cleanest form of water and can leave behind dust, leave, and other unwanted particles. Without gutters, rain and the debris it carries can cause staining to your siding and paint. If it continues to rain or showers often in your area, rotting can occur, especially if your siding is made of wood. Gutters prevent this by catching the rainfall and pouring it out into an area away from your home.

Gutters Prevent Basement Flooding

The more saturated the ground and soil surrounding your home becomes, it starts to weigh down on the foundation. If the water running off of your roof starts to pool around your house, this can and will eventually push the walls inward, crack them, and cause your basement to flood. It’s critical to drive this water away from the foundation and far from the house.

Gutters Prevent Erosion

Erosion is one word that you do not want to be associated with your home. Houses are built in a specific way to prevent erosion and keep the materials in as best shape as possible, as well as on a slight slope to guide water away from the foundation. When the soil erodes more and more each time it rains, this can break down the landscape leading to cracked walls, uneven flooring, and more.

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Gutters are extremely important for more than just your home’s aesthetic, but the foundation, siding, roofing, and more. Without gutters, unwanted severe damage can occur. Contact the professionals at Fairfield County Exteriors to fix your gutter problems or to install new ones on your home!

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