Ways To Go Green Around The Home This Spring

Ways To Go Green Around The Home This Spring

The green movement is present year round, but since Earth Day is the 22nd of April, that makes this month the most important time to highlight the cause.

In honor of this special day, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can create a more eco-friendly atmosphere around your house. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard, or as expensive, as you may be imagining right now!

4 Ways To Go Green At Home

1. Unplug Your Electronics.

And we don’t just mean turning them off…make sure the plug is disconnected from the outlet as well. An easier way to do this is to plug your cords to a power strip so you can easily turn the entire strip off, without having to yank each cord out accordingly.

2. Repair Any Leaks.

An occasional drip from your faucet may not sound for alarm, but every time you hear it drip, you’re wasting more and more water. And don’t forget about the leaks that could potentially be happening outside. Call Fairfield County Exteriors if you happen to need any roofing or deck repair.

3. Upgrade Your Appliances.

It may cost more upfront, but buying Energy Star labeled items means you’re making the most effort to consciously try to be more energy efficient.

4. Replace Your Lightbulbs.

Maybe this statistic will help put things into perspective: Trading one incandescent light bulb for a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) prevents the emission of over 400 pounds of greenhouse gases.

If you have any remodeling jobs, like a new roof or deck for the spring, call Fairfield County Exteriors. Our trusted experts can give your home the TLC it needs! We’ve received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and service the greater Fairfield and New Haven area. Contact us today for a free estimate: 203-375-9700!


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