Unique Ways to Ensure Backyard Privacy

Unique Ways to Ensure Backyard Privacy

We often forget as homeowners, that our backyards can be treated as an extension of our homes. This means you can have a living space outside or even a kitchen if you wanted. But what is missing from your backyard to make it truly feel like an oasis? Privacy. We’ve come up with a few different ways to ensure privacy in your backyard.

Wooden Structures


You can always go for the classic wooden fence option to make your entire yard more private, but there are some other options to consider if you just want to ensure privacy in a certain section of your yard.


A pergola will give you some privacy without blocking any views that you might have from your backyard. This is a great option especially if you are looking or some relief from the blazing sun in the middle of summer. This way you can still eat meals outside without worrying about the heat.

Natural Structures


Bamboo naturally grows vertically, so this is a great option for a natural privacy wall. You can easily plant this in certain sections of your yard for increased privacy, possibly around your dining area, or a fire pit if you have one.

Succulent wall

Succulent walls are a newer and trendier option for outdoor privacy. They are essentially racks which can be made from metal wood, or almost any other material you can think of, and they contain rows for your succulents to sit. You can personalize the wall by choosing all of your favorite succulents.

Metal Structures

Corrugated metal

This will put a modern twist on your privacy solution and can be used in a similar fashion as a wooden fence. Or you can use it in a select part of your backyard. This option has a bit more texture and style than a wooden fence and looks great with modern homes!

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