Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Christmas Decorations

It’s easy to feel like you have to decorate every inch of your home with Christmas lights in order to be festive. But when it comes to decking out your house in LED lights — less is more.

Plan Design

Before you get all tangled in your Christmas lights, take some time to plan out exactly where you’re going to place your decorations. Where do you want certain colors, bulbs, and decor to go. Once you’ve figured that out, you’ve cut down your time decorating in the cold in half.

Focal Point

Find a point on your house or the yard you can use to attract everyone who passes your block. It can be a large lighted wreath on the garage or front door or even a tree in your yard.


Don’t just simply decorate your home with white or colored lights. Combine your Christmas lights with other decorations such as garland, wreath, and your patio furniture. This will give your homes exterior a beautiful look in both the day and night time.


Take our tip about combining lights and garland and use them on your homes deck rails! This will help your visitors when entering and leaving your house — and it also adds more cheer!

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