The Fall Preparation Edition

The Fall Preparation Edition

The first day of Fall is on September 23rd and as such, we’ve decided to dedicate this month to fall preparation for your home. There’s a lot to consider as the weather transitions from the heat of summer into the cool and unpredictable weather patterns of winter. Check out our September articles to get our best tips and tricks to help you prepare for fall and winter. 

How can I avoid damage to my home?

In order to prevent any serious damage to your home, you need to know which parts are most vulnerable. Only then can you work to secure those areas and make sure nothing happens. 

What should I look out for?

The areas of your home that you’ll need to pay the most attention to include your roof, gutters, windows, attic, insulation, sidewalks and driveway. You’ll want to make sure that your home isn’t letting in any cold air through cracks in door frames or through a thin patch of insulation. 

For all of your home exterior needs, either before or after the winter storms, keep Fairfield County Exteriors’ name and number on file. We can help you navigate the tricky road of keeping your home safe, stable and intact during these harsh seasons in Connecticut. 

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