Summer Roofing Tips

Summer Roofing Tips

Summer has just begun, and the heat continues to rise, including the temperature in your home. There are a few things you can do to prepare your home, specifically your roof, for the summer season to keep it cool, damage-free, safe.

Prepping Your Attic

The attic is often overlooked when it comes to keeping your home cool. Homeowners tend to focus on their air conditioning unit, fans or keeping the windows shut to keep cold air in, however, the attic plays a crucial role in the temperature of your home. It can easily leak heat or moisture into the rooms causing temperatures to rise. Prep your attic by doing these things:

    • Checking exhaust fans for proper functioning
    • Checking for damage or signs of damage
    • Making sure all shingles or another roofing material is tightly in place
  • Checking for bugs, rodents, and any kind of unwanted pests

Taking action on all of these can help keep out moisture, reduce heat-build up, and more from consuming your attic and bringing additional heat into your home.

Clean and Organize Externally

Your roof is exposed to everything including, trees, leaves, animals, dust, dirt, rain, and more. Shingles can fall off, gutters can clog, and complications can easily arise due to external factors that our out of our control. To keep your roof well maintained this summer, start with these ways to clean and organize:

    • Trim overhanging branches
    • Inspect the shingles
    • Clean out debris from the gutters
    • Sweep or wipe off the roof
  • Apply a sealant or coating to help reduce heat and protect

Make A Roof Maintenance Checklist

Just like the rest of your home, your roof needs to be maintained to ensure proper functioning. Make a checklist just as you would for cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, and cross off each item once complete. Start by following the tips above!

Call Us For An Inspection

The professionals at Fairfield County Exteriors are here to help all your roofing needs. We are happy to come out and take a look at your roof to make sure it’s safe, correctly put together, and let you know if any maintenance or replacement is needed.

If you have additional questions on your roof and ways to stay cool this summer, contact us today!

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