Summer Gutter Maintenance

Summer Gutter Maintenance

We don’t typically think of our gutters in the summer because there are fewer storms and less debris that can get trapped in them. However, your gutters are working for your home year-round, removing sediment, water, and loose particles from your roof and protecting your home through all the seasons which is why it’s important to continue maintenance on them through summer.

1. Clear the Way

The very first thing you should do when checking your gutters is to remove any visible debris–dirt, twigs, leaves, rocks, nests, or acorns. These things often clog up the gutter and prevent the flow of rainwater from your roof. This can cause major flooding and damage to the gutters themselves and to your home. If you notice any debris anywhere near the gutter, remove it promptly.

2. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub

After clearing your gutters of all visible trash and random debris, you need to get a bucket with soap, water, and a brush. Clean the pipes inside and out. Make sure to completely clean your gutters of any mold, algae, or moss. Regular cleaning will make this job much easier.

4. Damage Control

Once you have cleaned your gutter, you may notice that some areas are more worn than others. Rust, cracks or holes in the gutter, or places where the gutter is skewed or off-balance, will have to be addressed.

5. Plug the Holes

If you have leaks, summer is the best time to get these fixed. The slower, low precipitation months mean it is the best time to deal with longterm gutter projects. You may think about purchasing a new gutter system and even a new roof. Or if the leaks are relatively minor, you may be able to fix them yourself using some patching metal, silicone or caulk.

For all of your summer gutter questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Fairfield County Exteriors!

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