Stories Of Homeowner Nightmares

Stories Of Homeowner Nightmares

It may not be Halloween, but homeowner horror stories don’t have a seasonal deadline. Ever heard of homes infested with snakes or rats? How about ones affected by mold or sinkholes? Read on, we dare you!


Homeowner Dori Caussey didn’t realize she rented a home for her, her daughter, and hundreds of rats. The Cape Cod home had rats in the ceiling, walls, and scurrying around on the floors! Overtime, she lived in only three rooms, the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.


Normally you hear of people stealing jewelry, money, and electronics in the middle of the night. But for Alan Klotz, his 100-year-old home in Fort Worth had it’s copper piping removed, leading to extensive flood damage.


Imagine coming home one day to find nothing but a hole where your house used to be? A family in Ocala, Florida came home to a sinkhole that opened up in their driveway, and threatened to expand even further.


A couple moved into their Wakefield, New Hampshire home on Mother’s Day. But their happiness was short-lived when they found out a few months later that the town was kicking them out. Inspectors ended up finding four different kinds of mold throughout the walls, billing at $80,000 for repairs.


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