5 Signs Your Roof is in Distress

5 Signs Your Roof is in Distress

Now that the weather is finally warming up, have you taken the time to inspect your roof for damage? Believe it or not, there’s more to spotting roofing issues than just looking for leaks. Check out our five sure-fire signs to figuring out if your roof is in distress.

  1. Shingles: Are your shingles curling or buckling? This is a dead giveaway that you need to replace your roof. Pay close attention to the shingles that receive direct sunlight. If your roof color is spotty, it is a sign that it’s time your shingles need to be replaced.
  2. Chimney Flashing: Chimney flashing consists of the sheet of metal that connects the roof and the chimney making it water tight. If your flashing is made up of cement or tar, you may need to replace it with a long-term, metal flashing system.
  3. Gutters: Whenever you clean out your gutters, take note of the number of shingle granules present. Towards the end of its lifespan, your roof will lose a lot of granules that find their way into the gutter.
  4. Stability: Notice a trampoline-like bounce or a spongy feel when walking on your roof? This indicates that it has been weakening over time due to an underlying moisture issue. Valleys: Roof valleys are arguably the most important piece of your roof. They navigate rain and snow into your gutters. If a valley is damaged it could cause roof leaks. Inspect your roof valleys thoroughly, checking for damaged, crumbling, or missing shingles in these areas.
  5. Age: Roofs are meant to last about 20-25 years. There are a few factors that go into determining the age of your roof. The question is — was the old roof removed or was a layer (or layers) of shingles installed over the original? If the base layer is over 20 years old, odds are you need a new roof — even if a new layer of shingles was installed just 5 years ago.

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