How To Prepare Your Deck For Snow

How To Prepare Your Deck For Snow

All it takes is one harsh snowfall in Connecticut for your deck to crack, warp, or even mold. But if you stay on top of your maintenance throughout the chilly months ahead, you can keep your deck in good shape — it only takes two steps.


Ice is dangerous for you and it can take a toll on your deck’s structure. Keep your deck free of ice by de-icing as much as possible. The most common solution is by using san and rock salt, but only if your deck is not wood. Repeated use of sand will scratch your wooden deck and remove the finish and salt will eat the wood away!

  • Many deicers contain harsh chemicals that can affect you and your family, so invest in an eco-friendly deicer instead.
  • Some deicers have green or pink dye so they are easy to see on major roadways or sidewalks. However, this can leave permanent stains on your deck, so choose a clear deicer.


If snow lingers on your deck, it can bend and rot timbers. Once winter starts, remove snow buildup to protect your deck. But, be careful! You can cause just as much damage to your deck by removing snow incorrectly.

  • Use a plastic shovel or a stiff-bristled broom instead of a metal shovel, which can scrape off the finish or leave deep gouges in the wood.
  • Follow the direction of the wood-grain. When you shovel or broom against the grain, you leave scrapes, scratches, and grooves.

Be preemptive this winter and follow these tips to keep your deck strong for the spring and summer. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns when it comes to your deck, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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