Most Popular Home Colors

Most Popular Home Colors

There are many reasons why you might be ready to freshen up the colors in your house. If you find yourself looking through magazines or feeling inspired by the colors of other people‚Äôs houses then it is probably time to make some changes. 

Additionally, if you have not Changed up the color of your home in years then it is safe to say it is ready for a fresh coat of modern color to bring your house into the current year. You will fall in love with your home again when you walk in and truly enjoy what you are looking at.

What Are The Color Trends Right Now?

Paying attention to trends is important if you are considering selling your home. You will want a color that will appease most of the people that come into your home. These colors are usually neutrals that will go with any style or design. The most common neutrals that people opt for in this situation would be beige and gray tones. If you plan on staying in your home then you can be a bit more creative and add a pop of color on the shutters or the front door. 

Where Do You Start When You Decide It Is Time for a New Color?

You should gather your inspiration by collecting color samples. If you have a blanket or color swatch that sparks inspiration then bring it to the professionals at Fairfield County Exteriors LLC and we can help you decide which color siding is best for your home! 

You can call us at 203-375-9700 to receive a free price estimate. Our professional team will help you create the best color pallet based on your inspirational color samples. Visit our website today at to browse our extensive service list and photos of completed projects.

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