How to Make Your Home Look Festive for Halloween

How to Make Your Home Look Festive for Halloween

Decorating your yard for Halloween shouldn’t turn you into a zombie. You can easily treat your trick-or-treaters to a yard of creepy surprises, without spending an entire weekend or paycheck to do so.

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Pick Your Theme.

If you want a more rustic look, a harvest theme can easily be made with hay bales and pumpkins along your porch. You can also quickly evoke a graveyard feel with foam tombstones and skeletons body parts all over your lawn. The spooky options are limitless!

DIY Decorations.

To save money, create your own decorations. Black garbage bags can become monstrous spiders and your toilet paper rolls can look like ghosts if you spray paint them white.

Line Your Path or Steps.

To make a big impact with your decorations, line your pathway with pumpkins, hay bales, or colored LED lights. Plus, if you line a clear path to the candy, it prevents trick-or-treaters from running across your yard!

Decorate Your Bushes.

You can find strands of orange, purple, or black lights at the dollar store to hang on trees or bushes. And if you want to take it up a notch, add other elements like mini pumpkins or spiderwebs as well.

Plastic Body Parts.

Transforming your yard into a graveyard can be done quickly with plastic headstones and body parts sticking out of the ground. Make sure the ground is lightly illuminated to look extra eerie at night.

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