How to Trap Heat in Your Home

How to Trap Heat in Your Home

Whether you are in the middle of the cold season or are just preparing for the next winter, you’ll want to know the best ways to keep your home warm. Continue reading to learn some tips to trap the heat in your home.


During the day be sure to keep the curtains open to let all of the warm sunlight into the house. At night, close the curtains to trap all of the warm air that you’ve generated. They act like a layer of insulation, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. There are specific types of curtains that you can purchase made especially for keeping your home warm.

Carpets and Throw Rugs

Wood and tile floors can account for a great deal of heat loss and are major attributes to discomfort during winter – no one likes walking barefoot on a cold floor. Using carpets and throw rugs will help keep some of the heat from escaping through the floor, and will keep your feet warm.


We all know that old windows can let a large amount of heat escape from your home. New windows can be an expensive investment, but they are an investment that will pay off in the long run by saving you in heating costs.


Not everyone lives in a brand new, energy efficient home. For those living in older homes, it is important to add insulation if needed or to replenish the insulation that might already be there. Attics and walls are areas that lose a lot of heat if not properly insulated. Contact a local professional to have your home evaluated for this issue.

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