How to Spruce Up Your Deck

How to Spruce Up Your Deck

Your home’s deck is the ideal place for weekend mornings, summer days, evening barbecues, so why not spruce it up a little bit to get it ready for all of the festivities?


You don’t always need to completely replace your deck to make it look brand new. Sometimes, just changing up the style with a few new pieces of decoration is enough to make it look like it was professionally redone.

We’ve compiled a few images of the most popular deck styles for the Summer of 2019 below:


This home clearly has a minimalistic feel to it, and they’ve carried that style outside to the deck. Maintaining consistency with your outdoor living spaces is what truly makes it feel like an extension of your home.


If your home has a beautiful view straight from your backyard, then use your deck as a way to accentuate this view rather than cover it up. The deck that we’ve chosen below opens up to a gorgeous mountain scene and has chairs placed in the perfect viewing position.


For the family that loves to cook, this deck styling is a great idea! Convert your outdoor space into an outdoor kitchen with bar top seating so there’s room to eat as well.

How We Can Help

If a few changes and alterations can’t save your deck and you’re in need of a whole new one, then contact the deck experts at Fairfield County Exteriors. We use a variety of high-quality products including Azek, Trek, Timber Tech and more!

Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about how we can help!

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