How to Prepare Your Windows for Fall

How to Prepare Your Windows for Fall

With the temperatures still fairly high, it’s a great time to start preparing your home for the fall and winter so it will keep you nice and cozy. One of the principal culprits for heat loss during the colder months is the windows. Fortunately, there are things you can do before it gets cold to keep your windows from letting the heat out and the cold in.

Step 1

First, take a look at every one of your windows and how each performs. Are they old windows with thin panes? Are drafts getting in any of them? If there is an air leak, is it at the sill or on the glass itself? Also, where is the window located in the house? Once you answer these questions, you can take a course of action.

Many small repairs and maintenance tasks can be completed quite easily, like caulking. You can easily caulk over places where drafts originate for a fast repair job. Keep in mind that this is a quick fix and could be a band-aid for a more severe underlying problem like a rotten sill.

Step 2

Putting up shades or blinds will help keep heat in and cold out. There are brands of both shades and blinds that fit snug into your sill and provide a near-complete seal for your window. Remember, though, when the sun is shining, you may want to remove the covers to let the warmth enter the windows.

Step 3

Getting energy-efficient windows is the way to go if you truly want to make sure your house is ready for the cold, but it’s costly. A new set of windows all around the house could run tens-of-thousands of dollars. That being said, the ultimate savings and comfort you will experience will eventually work out to be worth it.

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