How to Prepare Your Roof for Fall

How to Prepare Your Roof for Fall

Autumn is rapidly approaching. Before the cooler temperatures arrive, you need to make sure your roof is ready to handle the change in weather. Here are five things you can do to prepare your roof for fall.

1. Clear debris off the roof

Dirt and debris are easily blown onto your roof by the wind. Add in leaves, twigs, and other tree debris, and your roof becomes a prime place for moisture to gather and mold to grow. Using a stable ladder to get above the edge of a roof. Use a broom or air blower to clear off the debris.

2. Check for damage

Take a walk around your home, and take a close look at the roof. Look for missing or broken shingles. See if you can see shingle edges curling or frayed. Check the flashing to make sure it’s secure and not pulling away. If you see any problems, get a roofer to come out and do a formal inspection.

3. Clean the gutters

When your gutters get filled with leaves and debris, it doesn’t allow the rainwater to flow easily. If it’s too full, the water can actually back up under the shingles, causing water damage. Make sure they are clear before and after leaf fall. You can do this yourself or hire a professional.

4. Trim the trees

You shouldn’t have any tree limbs hanging over the house. If a limb breaks off, it could cause substantial damage to the roof. Also, overhanging branches deposit their leaves directly on the roof below, which clog gutters very easily. Have overhanging branches trimmed back by a professional tree service provider.

If your roof or gutters need some attention before fall, call Fairfield County Exteriors at {F:P:Sub:Phone}. We are here to serve all of our neighbors in Stratford and surrounding areas.

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