How to Prepare for a Storm

How to Prepare for a Storm

As residents of the Northeastern United States, we have the honor of experiencing some of Mother Nature’s most wicked weather. Rain, wind, and snow are fun when you are a child, but as a homeowner they only mean work. With good preparation, we can ride out these beauties and still say safe and warm. Fairfield County Exteriors can help with that. We have compiled a list of some of the problems you have a blog which can help you with some of the problems you might encounter such as:


Walk around your home and look for dead branches in the large trees adjacent to your home. These beautiful treed areas are deadly in the wind. Make sure there are no places where downed limbs can fall on your roof. This is true for power lines as well. Make sure the connections to your home are sound and that they are not obstructed by any limbs. Check for loose shingles and loose gutters including downspouts and if you spot any, call Fairfield County Exteriors before they become a problem.


Clean the gutters to prevent the overflowing water from destroying the finishes underneath. When water consistently saturates brick, it eventually crumbles. Water has a similar effect on the wood of your deck, it causes instability, moss, and mold. Additionally, check for windows that have air conditioner units still in place. Either remove them or seal them completely from the inside with plastic to make sure no precipitation can come into your home.


It’s a good idea before the winter starts to call Fairfield County Exteriors and have them look at your sidewalks, driveway, and deck. Flat surfaces make clearing snow much easier, whether it is with a snow blower or shovels. Get a large bucket of ice and snow melt and have it ready inside, as well as at least two shovels, so that if the snow drift is heavy, you can shovel your way out of the door.

With these kinds of preparations and help from Fairfield County Exteriors, we can be safe from storms and have worry free holidays. See our website for more information.

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