How to Make Use of Your Yard in Winter

How to Make Use of Your Yard in Winter

Not many people look forward to winter. We think of it as a dark, cold reason to stay bundled up inside. But why let winter be any different than the other seasons? You can still use your backyard for social gatherings with a little preparation and creativity.

Before winter comes, we’ll take care of those important things to protect our homes from the snow like cleaning out the rain gutters, checking window seals, and having the roof inspected. Once you’ve taken care of those, think about how you can make your yard into a space that can get just as much use in winter as in summer. Here are some ideas you can try:

Plant Winter Foliage

One way to brighten up an outdoor space is with some colorful hanging baskets. You can also put potted plants around your outdoor seating space for a little color and feeling of warmth. Likewise, if you don’t have an outdoor seating area you can make one. All you need is just a few weather resistant chairs with removable cushions or a cozy bench.

Add a Fire Pit

Fire pits add a heat source and ambiance to your backyard gathering area. You can find these in any home improvement store or make one yourself with bricks and waterproof sealant if you are the DIY type. Sitting in front of a crackling fire roasting marshmallows or hot dogs is a great way to end the day.

Put Up a Birdfeeder

Birdwatching is another great winter activity. A little plastic birdfeeder and some bird seed will draw in some local birds to feast while you sit sipping your coffee on your winter patio.

Add Some Lights

String lights are really easy to put up and they look nice all lit up at night. You can use colored ones if you don’t like white. Hanging lamps, mini tiki torches, and LED walkway lights are decorative as well as functional.

Use these ideas, or come up with your own, to make your yard a winter haven. Contact us at Fairfield County Exteriors for all of your home improvement needs. We have been serving Fairfield and New Haven for 20 years.

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