How to Care for Your Deck During Winter

How to Care for Your Deck During Winter

Your deck is an essential part of your home. Aside from having a place to throw parties, it adds value to your property. When winter comes, it needs to be protected at all costs. That means if it needs to be repaired our company is there to take care of it. Fairfield County Exteriors can do outside repairs to decks to make them look nice even in the harshest of weather. 

Clean Off The Debris 

You need to get your broom and get the leaves and other elements off your deck. They have a tendency to stain them and leave unsightly marks that make the deck look very unappealing. By cleaning it well, it can go back to its pleasant state and stay that way. Make sure to use cleaners that will not harm the wood. If there are any loose nails, pick them up. Also, take the time to carefully shovel the snow off of the deck. It can easily get discolored and start to look dull due to the excessive ice. 

Stain Your Deck

Find a good staining solution to coat the deck with. Stains are usually water resistant and will cause any excess liquid to bead up to just sit on top of the wood, rather than absorb through it. Apply the stain evenly across the deck making sure to not miss a spot. It is important for the deck to be protected. 

Protect It With A Tarp 

Go and buy a tarp large enough to cover the entire deck. This has to be done before the snow or icy rain starts to fall. A tarp is a heavy plastic that does not wear out easily in the outside elements. Cover the entire deck and make sure to fasten it down in place so the wind does not blow it off. 

Protecting the deck is important. If you do not take good care of it, you’ll end up with costly repairs on your hands. Should repairs be needed, call Fairfield County Exteriors for help. We will come out and make your deck look like new again.

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