How Much Snow Can Your Roof Support

How Much Snow Can Your Roof Support

The weather conditions of winter bring a few hazards, for example, snow blocking the roads and accumulating on rooftops. To be safe, you need to assess the weight load that the rooftops can handle before removing the snow. Various factors should be considered in order to understand the weight load of the roof.

Factors to Consider

Understanding How Much Weight Your Roof Can Support

Most roofs designed in the 21st century account for the weight imbalance of summer and winter. It means that they are designed to withstand 20 pounds per square foot. When snow accumulates, it can easily exceed the maximum weight load.

Signs of a Stressed Roof

There are various signs that can indicate tension on the structural integrity of a roof, these include creaking noises, sagging ceiling tiles, cracked walls, and pillar support. Due to the high risk of roofs caving during winter, you must be diligent in looking out for these signs.

Remove Excess Snow

It’s important to remove some of the excess snow. Instead of climbing onto the rooftops, it’s best to buy a snow rake with an extendable arm as it will prevent the roof caving in. However, it’s even safer if you can hire a professional snow remover.

Nature cannot be bargained with so it’s important to implement all of the safety measures to ensure that one’s household is protected from the elements, especially during the winter season when there’s a heavy downpour of snow.

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