What Happens When a Tree Falls on Your House?

Thankfully you’re safe inside your home when a storm hits. But what about your property? Your home can usually withstand high winds, rain, thunder and lightening, but not large trees! Here’s what to do if a tree happens to fall on top of your roof.

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Safety First

We know you immediately want to do whatever you can to remove the tree from your property, but the area could be very dangerous. Tree removal should only be handled by a qualified and experienced professional.

Check Inside

Once you can tell where the tree hit your home, go inside and look for signs of damage. But be aware that some damage may not be visible, so you will want to contact a professional to ensure your property is looked at and fixed thoroughly.


Take photos of the damage for your insurance claim and for your own records. Try to snap shots of every angle, even inside your home and after the tree is removed.

Fix Your Roof

Contact a roofing specialist to repair or replace your roof. Fairfield County Exteriors is a GAF Certified roofing installer that provides ice and water protection to code and beyond. We will even provide emergency repair and tarping — which is exactly what your roof needs after a tree falls. Without a tarp, water can come inside your home, resulting in secondary structural damage and mold growth.

If your roof is in need of a little TLC, trust the professionals at Fairfield County Exteriors to expertly repair or replace it. We’ve received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and service the greater Fairfield and New Haven area. Contact us today for a free estimate: 203-375-9700!

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