Deck Replacement 101

Deck Replacement 101

Like any other home structure, eventually, your deck will begin to show serious signs of wear and tear. Although decks can last several decades if they are well cared for, at some point you’ll need to consider a full or partial replacement. Knowing when it is time to replace or repair your deck isn’t always as obvious as you might think.

The Top 4 Signs That Your Deck Needs to be Replaced

1. Wood Rot 

Rotting deck wood can be caused by termites, ants, or exposure to excess moisture. If large sections of your deck are showing wood rot then chances are it needs to be replaced. Rotting deck boards can pose a major injury risk to anyone standing on the structure.

2. Loose or Shaky Railings 

One of the first structures on your deck to show wear and tear is usually the deck railings. Over time they will become loose and wobbly. Unfortunately, loose railings can often point to wood rot and other serious damage that could require a full deck replacement.

3. Rusty Fixtures and Hardware

Decks are held together by metal fasteners, fixtures, and hardware. These items keep the joists and beams in place, ensure the deck rails are firm, and provide overall stability to the deck. Once they begin to rust and decay the entire structure of your deck can become compromised.

4. Mold and Mildew 

Sadly, mold and mildew on wood can be a bad sign. The mold or mildew is often present with wood rot, so if you spot it then you should contact an expert immediately and find out whether or not your deck might be damaged beyond repair.

If you need an expert’s opinion on whether or not it is time to replace your deck then be sure to give us a call today. We offer professional deck building and repair services all throughout Fairfield County.

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