When To Call A Professional For Roofing Repair

When To Call A Professional For Roofing Repair

The roof over your head deserves some of the most attention when it comes to home repairs. Neglecting it can lead to extensive damage (which leads to high repair costs) and high energy bills. To keep your roof in good standing, it’s best to call a professional to help you maintain its structure properly.

When To Call A Professional For Roofing Repair:

  1. You see water damage. If you notice water stains on your ceiling, somethings gone wrong with your roof. It could be a problem with your gutters, downspouts, or shingles.
  2. Your roof is old. Even your roof has a life cycle, which usually lasts up to 30 years. If you find out that your roof is past its prime, it’s at least worth a check up, if not a replacement.
  3. You get ice dams in the winter. If you live in an area with cooler weather, ice dams form when your attic is warm enough to melt the snow and cause the water to seep under your shingles. This problem can be fixed by adding insulation in the attic to properly vent your roof.
  4. Your roof has dark stains. This is typically from algae or moss and isn’t a big problem. But you should still leave the power washing up to the professionals.
  5. Your roof is sagging. Sagging roofs can be a sign of structural damage, so if you notice this, hire a contractor immediately!
  6. You notice mold is forming. Mold is a sign that your drainage system is not working properly. Clean out your gutters at least once per year to ensure any water is being moved away from your house and roof.

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  • Ruth, thanks for your comment about how you should look into having your gutter repaired by a professional so that they can fix something before you get charged a lot of money on energy bills. I like what you said about how they can clean them out as well so that mold doesn’t begin to form. My husband and I are considering roofing contractions to hire to replace our gutters since they are already moldy.

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