Benefits of Installing New Windows

Benefits of Installing New Windows

Did you know that nearly 40% of your home’s central heating is lost through the windows in your home? Updating just a few windows in your home could lead to huge energy savings, but sometimes, full upgrades aren’t in the budget. We’ve compiled a list of some other options for you.

Window Styles

Fixed Windows

These windows are the most efficient and effective for conserving energy. They do not open or close at all and therefore have no gaps or openings where air can escape. The downside to these windows is that they are useless when it comes to ventilation so there’s no way for you to let any fresh air in through your fixed windows.

Awning Style

Awning style windows are less efficient than fixed windows, but only slightly. These windows operate with a crank to open and close them. When the windows are closed they create such a compressed seal that it’s very difficult for air leaks to develop.


This style is the least efficient but is one of the most common styles of windows. What makes them so inefficient is the fact that they have so many joints and gaps in their design. In order to be more efficient, they have to rely on other factors such as coatings or glazes.

Window Glazing

Most older windows are made of just a single layer of glass which allow for heat to enter and escape your home very easily. Most people when replacing and updating the windows in their home will instead opt for double or triple paned windows which are more efficient but more expensive.

An alternative to double or triple paned windows is something called low-E coating. This is an almost invisible finish that is applied to the glass surface of your window. They still allow visible light through the window pane but block the infrared light that carries heat.

No matter which option you go with, Fairfield County Exteriors is here to help you on your journey towards making your home more efficient. Contact us today with all of your home exterior questions!

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