Backyard Makeover On A Budget

Backyard Makeover On A Budget

Do you ever catch yourself gazing over at the neighbors lush, green lawn, their kindly cared for flower beds, and that colorful, inviting patio perfect for an outdoor get together? Envy no longer with these budget-friendly backyard makeover tips:

Choose Your Spaces

Do you want a dining area? Lounging area? Space to walk around or play? Define the spaces in which you want to upgrade to give yourself a better idea of what you need during your makeover. Sometimes, simply rearranging your furniture can do the trick and give your backyard a new look for zero dollars down.

Cover Up The Ugly

If you have old or discolored concrete, you can fix this with a stain or by laying tiles to cover up the unwanted areas.

Add Texture

Flower beds and greenery doesn’t have to be surrounded by soil. You can add colorful rocks or mulch to give the yard a finished look. In addition to making the backyard look more complete, mulch and rocks make it more difficult for weeds to grow!

Paint A Little

Touch up any knicks, wear and tear, chips, or cracks with some paint. A little goes a long way and can completely change the look of your backyard space.

Create A Pathway

Break up the lawn and provide a polished look by laying crushed stone, wooden blocks, or concrete tiles for a walkway from one end to the other. You can even lead this path towards the flowers, a separate space, or through the front/back gate for easy access.

You don’t have to replace or buy new to make your backyard look beautiful. All of these ideas can help you create the space you love by using what you have and some simple fixes. For more information on backyard makeovers and exterior improvements, contact us today!

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