Are You A Candidate For A Re-Deck?

Are You A Candidate For A Re-Deck?

Your backyard can be a great place to spend time with friends and family! If designed correctly, it should be an extension of your indoor living space. Your deck is the “living room” of your backyard, so it’s probably the place where you spend the most time when you’re outside. Your deck should be comfortable, nice to look at and inviting to everyone who visits your home.

Getting an entirely new deck can be expensive though, which is why Fairfield County Exteriors offers the option to re-deck your current space. A re-deck essentially keeps the foundation of your deck and replaces the railings and decking. Read this blog to determine if you need a new deck or if you could get a re-deck!

Inspect Your Deck

The first thing you should do when either replacing your deck or getting a re-deck is get an inspection. An inspection will help you determine the overall health of your existing deck.

If the foundation of your deck is weak and falling apart, this will cause an abundance of problems for a re-deck, and it might be in your best interest to rebuild the deck all-together. Additionally, if you re-deck on a weak foundation, this could cause safety hazards that you would be smart to avoid.

Check The Footings

Start from the bottom and work your way up. Check the footings of your deck to ensure that they will be a solid base for your re-deck. The footings are what support the rest of the deck so these need to be strong and free of problems. If you notice that your footings are too shallow, you can fix this easily by pouring deeper footings next to the old ones rather than ripping them out.

Examine The Wood Condition

Next, you need to examine the condition of the wood used on your original deck. Look to see if the contractor used treated or untreated wood; treated wood will have a greenish tint to it and should be labeled as “treated”. If the deck is made of treated wood, then you should be in the clear, as treated wood lasts for decades.

However, if your deck was built with untreated wood, then it might be in your best interest to start over and build a new deck.

When examining the condition of the wood, pay particular attention to the posts, especially near the footings where the wood comes in closest contact with the ground. The posts are typically where the wood will first start to rot.

In With The New

Once you’ve determined whether you can get a re-deck, then the real work begins! Call Fairfield County Exteriors today to learn more about your decking options. Fairfield County Exteriors will work with you on your decking needs from start to finish!

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